Granito Terazzo Tiles

Our high quality Granito tiles are made from a blend of pigmented cement mix and marble aggregates. The age-old process is traditional and manual. Once set, the tiles are polished to reveal the beauty of the material and create a smooth finish that is proven to last year after year.
Granito Tiles have a speckled marble finish and can be used for interior/exterior wall and flooring solutions. They are extremely resistant to high footfall abrasion and impact. Perfect for high traffic retail and hospitality locations, Granito tiles have a thick top layer of pattern that can be polished back to their original state and completely restored.
Available tile sizes:
40 x 40cm (22mm thick)
30 x 30cm (22mm thick)
20 x 20cm (16mm thick)
20 x 23cm (Hexagon 16mm)
Please note: Special requests for our bespoke project service are subject to additional costs. Additional bespoke sizes are available (subject to minimum order quantity.) Please contact us for your enquiry