We offer interior designers, architects, retailers, and private clients a fast and reliable bespoke service. As colours, shapes, and sizes can be matched according to your project, the possibilities are endless. Lindsey's expert approach to pattern and design also means that we can even work in collaboration to specify a pattern to suit each individual project large or small.

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Our Dedicated Design Team

1. Arrange a consultation. Lindsey and her highly skilled design team will work with you to develop sketches and define the project brief. Once approved we accept a non-refundable deposit and proceed with design development. Lindsey and the team will explore colours, finishes, tile sizes, and pattern options to best suit your project. Colours can be matched on an individual project basis. We also ensure that your project is fully confidential, and understand that your design is very special to your project.

2. Upon approval sketches and/or 3D renderings at your second consultation, sample production is launched. We will advise our preferred selections, but you are in control of which samples you wish to produce for you or your client. Sampling can be a quick as 2-4 weeks. However, this could take slightly longer depending on your project. 

3. Once samples are reviewed and approved, your bespoke tiles are ready to be ordered. We then present your options for delivery, installation, and pricing. We currently use one of the biggest and most dependable manufacturing facilities for cement tiles. We will work close with you to ensure a smooth installation and dependable delivery.