1/4 Roundel - 3D cement in mint (sample)
Lindsey Lang

1/4 Roundel - 3D cement in mint (sample)

Purchase a sample here or simply contact sales@lindseylang.co.uk to place your order. We are happy to discuss any bespoke project requirements with you directly. 

3D encaustic tiles are a true innovation for cement tiles. Beautifully embossed three-dimensional cement tiles make for the perfect wall feature. Nearly four years on from the launch of Lindsey's encaustic range, she continues to push boundaries offering innovative solutions and inspirational new finishes.

Inspired by the 'London Underground' logo and also by the 3D ceramics created in the 1930's by Harold Stabler, Lindsey plays with pattern and geometry within the Tfl logo and combines it with her signature aesthetic to recreate a classic subtle symmetry that reveals different shapes and patterns throughout. 

3D embossed cement tiles have a matte finish that can be sealed upon installation for water and stain resistance. 

Size. 20cm x 20cm, Thickness. 16-18mm

Speak with us prior to installation to ensure that your tiles are treated to suit your project. Tiles not in stock will take 6-8 weeks to deliver.