'Hex' grey encaustic
'Hex' grey encaustic
'Hex' grey luxury patterned tile
'Hex' grey and blue encaustic pattern
'Hex' grey and yellow encaustic pattern
Lindsey Lang

'Hex' grey encaustic

This lovely hexagonal tile design is currently available in 20x23cm size (16mm thick). There are also different colours to choose from. Mix and match to create your favourite look. 

Encaustic tiles have a smooth finish that can be polished matte, satin, or gloss. They and can be used for interior/exterior wall and flooring solutions. We can do various bespoke sizes to work with your project.

Speak with us prior to installation to ensure that your tiles are treated to suit your project.

Tiles not in stock will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. Contact sales@lindseylang.co.uk to place your order.